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  • 11.5.10 Plans now on dashboard.
  • 11.5.10 Plan Dashboard Unit Test.
  • 11.3.10 Citizen Requests Now on dashboard.
  • 11.3.10 Citizen Request Dashboard Unit Test
  • 11.3.10 Several GIS map fixes but still wont sync parcel with map on FireFox.
  • 11.2.10 View Created Citizen Request (no dashboard yet)

Welcome to the Citizen Access Portal (CAP)

Important Notice!!!!!!! Please Read Before Proceeding.

Registration is not required; if you are interested in viewing or searching for information about any permits and/or related plans, simply click on the tab(s) above to search for the type of information requested.

Registration is required; only for those who currently hold a building permit(s) for a project in the City of Clovis and want to request on-line inspections. If you do not currently hold such a permit(s), please do not attempt to Register. If you do register anyway, our staff will not be able to validate and confirm your registration and therefore you will not be able to Log On.

Registered users will be notified via email when they have been validated and confirmed as a qualified user.

Registered users will only be able to request on-line inspections and access permits for which they are associated to by the applicant for the permit.